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Health Energy Potions

Health Energy Potions - SHIPS SAME DAY

Sale Price : $11.25
Health Energy Potion
  • Grant target Charater +160 to Health.
  • Provides 5-8 hours of smooth energy.
  • Upon discard, no crash occurs.

Area Effect: Improves Collective Focus

With a mellow apple-cinnamon flavor and helpful herbs and vitamins like elderberry, ginseng, biotin, and folate, Health Energy Potion is sure to restore you after a gaming battle or before another day of the cubicle grind. This potion offers a very similar energy effect to its blue kin with 75mg of caffeine to boost your HP and aid in your recovery.

Each bottle is 1.69 oz.


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Health Energy Potions


I got these to satisfy my curiosity and the gimmickiness of them. Very fruity drinks, the red one is called cinnamon flavored, but it tasted more sweet and fruity than cinnamon.


Health Energy Potions


Health Energy Potions

Great to keep in your pack!

Taking as you start to feel low on energy seems to give you a good sveral hour boost with a slow burn at the end. Didn't seem to feel any major crash so pretty happy with it. I do wish my boxes hadn't arrived already opened though.

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Best energy drinks ever

When I need good, long lasting energy? Only mana will do!


It arrive sooner then expected. The taste was great. It definitely replenished 150 pts of health and mana. I will have to get more again sometime

I love them

Thank you for making an amazing energy shot that looks freaking cool and gives me plenty of energy

You're gonna want to read this

I received the product in 3 days and i got 3 mana potions. I only bought them for the cool look at first but now I have to buy more. I got them and i drank one as soon as i opened the box, a taste test if you will. Great taste very sweet. So i drank a second one. As soon as i drank the second one the first one hit me. My heart was either beating too fast for me to feel it or not at all. Not even two minutes later the other effects hit me. I was higher than Neil Armstrong has ever been. Higher than curiosity space rover who sings himself happy birthday every August 5th on mars. I proceeded to find a drink but being that i had nothing in my fridge i drove to wawa under the influence of magic, got chocolate milk, and went home to let the high die down. I Got home and after 5 hours of suffering i finally fell asleep only to wake up 3 hours later still high. In conclusion. Great product 10/10 recommend.


Title says it all. Mouse pad is great, but my fiance said the girl's too hot for me, and took it away. Gonna need another lol. Poster will be going above my desk once I have sonething to put it in.

As for the potions, they taste great, and the mana potion does in fact give steady energy. Not sure how long it actually lasted but I couldn't fall asleep until almost 3 am. Had to be up at 5 for work so that sucked.

I'll definitely be getting more. The price is slightly steep for me tho, so I wont get as many as I'd like, but its doable.

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