About Us

Harcos Labs the makers of Mana Energy Potion is an innovative company that produces novelty products.  Our “scientists” are always busy in our lab testing new product and ideas.

About Us

    Harcos Laboratories was formed in 2007.

    The first product introduced was Mana Energy Potion which came from the video gaming world.  Packaged in the same potion shaped alchemic bottle, the blue colored Mana shot looked identical to the ones found in over 100 video game titles.

    After receiving national attention on television, news stories and all the top blogs for geeks, Mana Energy Potions grew from a few sales a week to having a place on the shelves in retail outlets.

    In January of 2009, Harcos Laboratories released Health Energy Potion, the perfect counterpart to Mana. Like the previous potion, Health retains its virtual authenticity with the color and bottle shape found in so many games.

    In October of 2009, the company delivered another first-to-market beverage with Blood Energy Potion. With the color, consistency and nutritional profile of actual blood, this caffeinated formula comes packaged in a pouch resembling an IV bag. Staying with the theme of bringing pop culture to life, Blood Energy Potion satiated all of the vampire fans with a delicious fruit punch flavor.

    After the company found its stride with innovative caffeine products, Nuclear Energy Powder was launched in February of 2010. This caffeinated candy powder is packaged in the same fun style that would be found in video games and movies.

    Zombie Blood followed the success of the original Blood Energy Potion, and added an undead flare to the lineup in March 2010.

    Shortly after the launch of Zombie Blood, Zombie Jerky, a green coated beef jerky product, completed the Zombie product line.

    In June 2011 Harcos Laboratory was acquired by a large food and beverage contract manufacturing company.  This privately held company has more than 10 years’ experience in the food and beverage industry and brings their experience of formulation and flavorings, packaging, and production to the existing Harcos product lines.  Our team is already developing new products to add.  We are excited for the opportunity to watch this brand grow.

    In Oct. 2011, to keep up with the trends in Zombie  products, we launched Foaming Zombie Candy and Dried Zombie Skin. Foaming Zombie Candy is available in green apple, cherry, and white raspberry flavors.  When this candy is added to your favorite soda watch is fizz and foam. Dried Zombie Skin is perfect for our vegan zombies and made of dried seaweed.

    February 2012 – Adding to the Zombie parts, we created Crusty Zombie Toenails.  These crusty creations are tasty!  Venturing out into a different product line,  Magical Uni-Horns with a psychedelic label were born. Don’t worry,  no Unicorns were harmed while we were making any of this product

    In June 2013, after all of the hype about people taking bath salts and turning into zombies, we created our very own Zombie Bath Salts. It is up to you to decide what happens to you after you pour a bag of these into your bathtub. With the creation of the Zombie Bath Salts, Bath From the Dead was born and we started to make bath and body products themed with creatures from the undead.

    For 2014, we have spent time on our displays for our brick and mortar customers.  We’ve brought back our Zombie Blood display box, added a display box for our Foaming Zombie Candy, and added a spinning counter display for our Zombie snack and candy items.  We have also been working on providing more packaging options and better shipping costs on our online stores.

To reach us by phone – 310.401.3418              

To reach us by email – support@harcoslabs.com