LAN Party Energy Drink Power Pack 96 Bottles

$335.04 $325.44
LAN Party Energy Drink Power Pack 96 Bottles
LAN Party Energy Drink Power Pack 96 Bottles
LAN Party Energy Drink Power Pack 96 Bottles

LAN Party Energy Drink Power Pack 96 Bottles

$335.04 $325.44
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Get 96 Bottles of Mana & Health Potions for your next LAN Party 

48 Mana Energy Potions
48 Health Energy Potion 

 That's enough energy potions to keep you and your team gaming for up to 8 hours.  



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great tasting potions

I bought this package because they give you good pricing on the quantity! The potions have a very unique but desirable taste to them. I have been a customer for years and never disappointed with any of their products!


I stocked my fridge with with the 96 bottle potion order, half mana and half health. My father loves the health potions and sometimes mixes them with honey to make an elixir. I add a mana potion to my favorite citrus inspired soda drink and make a battle flask size mug of energy, for my long raid healing sessions. The Maker included a cool game mat for rolling my magic dice on. Always power up before raid time with mana potions!

An unfailing bulwark of awesome.

I can always count on my Potions from these wonderful people. They are powerful yet gentle to the responsible user, and there always seems to be an opportunity to get costs slashed enough to make your purchase more enjoyable. I recommend these to anyone who needs a boost without a crash.

surprisingly good

they taste good and look pretty cool and they ship very quick

Rock star awesome!

I picked up one of these things at a used gaming store and thought they were super cool, but 4 bucks a pop seemed really expensive. So I looked on the bottle and found the company ID, then ordered my own. Got 4 boxes. Enough energy and caffeine to send me to the emergency room!