Video Gamer Gift Pack

40 reviews
You save: $-57.99 USD (100%)

Video Gamer Gift Pack

40 reviews
You save: $-57.99 USD (100%)
(Out of Stock)
Up To 8Hr of ENERGY Up To 8Hr of ENERGY
Helps Mental Clarity Helps Mental Clarity
NO Sugar No After Crash NO Sugar
No After Crash
Gamer Approved Gamer Approved

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Video Gamer Gift Pack

Rest those thumbs and grab a swig of Mana Energy Potion or Health Energy Potion. The gamer basket has two essential potions for long gaming sessions. There's a 6-pack of Mana potion vials with 75mg of caffeine in each bottle, which will keep your gaming mind alert for long nights playing any video game, RPG. Plus there's vials of Health Potion has 90mg of caffeine in every bottle and is, full of herbs and vitamins to keep you in full health no matter what sort of damage you're taking on.  

Gamer Gift Pack Includes:
1 Mouse Pad
1 Wall Poster
6-Pack of Mana Energy Potion
6-Pack of Health Energy Potion

Health Energy Potion
  • Grant target Charater +90 to Health.
  • Provides 5-8 hours of smooth energy.
  • No sugar, no crash occurs.

Area Effect: Improves Collective Focus


Mana Energy Potion

  • Grants target Character +75 to Mana.
  • Provides 5-8 hours of smooth energy.
  • No sugar, no crash occurs.

Area Effect: Improves Party Morale


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Health Energy Potion

Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 40 Reviews
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Keith R.
United States United States
Delicious Stuff

I am now reusing the bottles for D&D Will order more

Jacob H.
United States United States
A fun surprise

I bought these for a party with friends and we all loved them. They're taste is something unique and the bottles are awesome, I could see myself getting more in the future.

Kyler H.
United States United States
Would buy again

The energy drinks tasted great, and did what was claimed they would do. Would definitely buy again.

A Mana Potions Customer
Cory S.
United States United States
Very Impressed

I was very happy when it came to the quality of this product, from the quality of the drink in both taste and effect to the stunning artwork and quality of the mouse pad and wall poster. My next purchase will be the mix bundle of the zombie/blood packs. I hope to see an "Apocalyptic Gift Pack" for those two products. I highly recommend this product to anyone who games both casual or hardcore, I have recommended it to many members of HydraCore Gaming an fast growing eSports Organization and HydraCore League. Hope to see them become a sponsor!

Jared W.
United States United States

Both the HP and MP had great tastes, I liked the blue mana a bit more than the red health, but both were great. Actually mixed one of each to see how they mixed, really interesting like that. I'll be ordering again when I can. Poster and mousepad are bith neat too. Been using the mousepad alot.

Jill C.
United States United States
Love them!

The blue taste really great, the red not so much, but we will be using them on d&d gamenight to add to the role play aspect. They're perfect!

Mana Potions Video Gamer Gift Pack ReviewMana Potions Video Gamer Gift Pack Review
Markanthony D.
United States United States
Perfect for the RPG nerd in me!

The quantity of the potions was ideal for the size of my D&D group, not to mention aptly thematic. I've been using the mousepad since it first arrived a couple months ago, and it's held up great; no wear on the mat or even the image. The poster looks nice, if not a bit advertisementy, framed on my bedroom wall. My biggest gripe with the products would have to be the flavor of the Health Potions. The best way I can think to describe them is the sort of muted cherry flavor you might taste in cherry Dayquil, except without the potent Dayquil aftertaste. That said, the Mana Potions taste almost exactly like Smarties candy, and I love it. And flavor aside, the potions perform exactly as advertised - a nice, smooth elevation of energy and focus, with no noticeable crash afterward.

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Tastes good

I enjoyed it, it tasted very good, and I plan on ordering more very soon.

Edward M.
Lancaster, New Hampshire, United States
Works Well.

Been looking at getting these for a while, finally ordered some and they work Great. Taste good, give you a much needed kick without the crash. I've already been telling my friends to check them out Its well worth it.

Michael S.
Lady Lake, Florida, United States
Very Tasty

I tried the potions and they tasted very good and they delivered quite a kick. I also LOVE the mousepad that came with the package.

Mana Potions Video Gamer Gift Pack Review
Eddie D.
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Acquired taste

At first I didn't like them that much but after giving it another try it actually wasn't that bad. They definitely work and I will definitely get more once my supply runs out. The poster unfortunately came in damaged and torn. The mousepad is pretty cool, I already have a hard one but this is a cool little addition incase I want to travel. Overall a good purchase

Matthew M.
Danville, California, United States

Fantastic, gives a perfect amount of energy! Fast shipping too.

Dillon M.
Sauk Centre, Minnesota, United States

mana potion tastes great and the extras were fun.

Chris C.
Summerville, South Carolina, United States
Amazing Product

I use to buy this product at fye and when it vanished i was afraid they might not exist anymore. This product is fantastic it works well and worth every cent. I can not recommend them enough shipping is fast and everything arrives on time.

Tepsivaya T.
Marana, Arizona, United States

By book & blade their enegry potion flavors top any other drinks I've ever had by miles!

Collin R.
Kent, Ohio, United States

Great product actually works

Zachary P.
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Had a mana potion years ago and loved it. Was never able to find one again. But now I purchased a bundle and it's so amazing!!

Mana Potions Video Gamer Gift Pack Review
Timothy M.
Kansasville, Wisconsin, United States
Very good

Exactly as I ordered. Would have been nice to pick one or the other for flavors, though.

Kevin Y.
Whittier, California, United States

Title said it all, folks. Totes worth and so tasty.

Robert T.
Very happy with my order!

The site is easy to navigate, process is quick and simple, and I was pleased with the shipping time and contents. Will order again!