Zombie Blood Energy Potion

You save: $-59.88 USD (100%)

Zombie Blood Energy Potion

You save: $-59.88 USD (100%)
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Up To 8Hr of ENERGY Up To 8Hr of ENERGY
Helps Mental Clarity Helps Mental Clarity
NO Sugar No After Crash NO Sugar
No After Crash
Gamer Approved Gamer Approved

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Who says zombies should get to do all the attacking? Zombie Blood Energy Drink gives humans the opportunity to bite back! The world's first synthetic zombie blood has a tangy lime flavor and packs up to four hours of undead energy.  Zombie Blood has the same green look and slimy feel as the real stuff.  The iron, protein, and electrolytes also give it a similar nutritional makeup.  The realistic resealable specimen bag looks like it was stolen from a secret government lab and contains 100mL of synthetic zombie blood.  

If a zombie bites you it's bad. If you bite a zombie it's crazy delicious!

Liquid Candy Zombie Blood Energy Drink for big kids and ZOMBIES


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Zombie Blood